Safety and Security

The possibility of moving the gate control units up to 15 meters away and in a protected part, allows Avantgates to guarantee maximum safety and security of a constant gate operation:
• SAFETY – For any possible robbery attempt, Avantgates control unit could be  located inside an enclosed space which could be also protected with specific alarm.
• SILENT – If the gate is installed in close proximity to places, which requires the highest level of silent operation.
• EASY AND SAFETY MAINTENANCE – All maintenance operations can be conveniently performed inside a closed and safety place, away from the gate.
• PROTECTION IN EXTREME CLIMATES – this solution is adopted in extreme climates places. With that we could prevent any electrical part malfunction, which is usually the one most prone having problems with high and low temperatures.
• DANGER OF FLOODING – with the appropriate measures, it is possible to install and guarantee the operation of the gate where flooding problems may occur.

Dangerous areas inhibition (natural disasters)

Avantgates allows to close dangerous areas which could become temporarily inaccessible for natural disaster like earthquake or landslides. Often these are historic mountain villages perched close to the mountain and in tight spaces where landscape topography (particular slope) does not allow the installation of common horizontal sliding or swing gates.

With the Civil Protection of San Leo’s City it wash drawn up a technological project that involved AVANTGATES vertical hydraulic pivot gates use.

In this location we have realize a particular safety closing Avantgates solution: we must block a downstream street transit near a mountain landslide risk  following regulations (LR 65/1978, Master Plan of Water Improvement (PAI), approved by Prime Ministerial Decree of November 10, 2006 and prepared in accordance with dell’art.40 dirttive of DPR 21 December 1999 n .554, and to Article 22 of the LR January 21, 2010, # 3 containing both the rules on public works and enl territorial Strategic Design (DST).

For those reasons we have projected this special Avantgates system: thanks to the innovative AVANTGATES electronic control unit we have created a link that could fit in communication the earthquake sensors inside the soil with Avantgates electronic control unit. Doing that, any earthquake movement could be by soil sensors detected and with electrical Avantgates unit link we could close the gate before having any people or cars passages through the dangerous street. 

Obviously all in compliance with governing  prevention rules against any type of geological instability: Decree Law 180 of 11 June 1998, Directive 2007/60 / EC, Directive 2000/60 / EC, Legislative Decree 49/2010, Decree 152/2006, Prime Ministerial Decree September 29, 1998 and Legislative Decree 219/2010.

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