Car lift

In Italy and abroad is becoming increasingly widespread using elevators for cars (car lift) in new building constructions expecially inside cities where is very difficult have outsider cars parking. Those have the advantage of creating easily accessible parking spaces in the property basement, without realize unpractical concrete slides that are bulky, expensive and normally not easy to achieve.
Obviously car lifts, during standard operations, falls downstairs leaving discovered the ground hole, where it can be a serious people falling down risk. Here, therefore, that it is necessary to install around the car lifts a certified closing or any guardrails because Avantgates is certified like a parapet.

As in cableway, should be specified that parapets, rails or guardrails must be constructed of such materials to ensure specific function performs, like safeguard people from falling into the void, and/or allow safety support to reduce any related risks.
Here following National and European Standards laws list which must be satisfied by any railings or balustrades calculation and construction:
– Regulation (EU) 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011
– Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 – Tenciche Standards for Construction. (ITALY)
– February 2, 2009 Ministerial Circular No. 617 (ITALY)
– Eurocodes: Eurocode 0 UNI EN 1990 – Basis of structural design. EC1 Uni En-1991 Actions on structures. Uni En 1993- Eurocode 3 Design of steel structures. Eurocode 8 Uni En 1998-Design of structures for earthquake resistance.
– UNI from 10805 to 10809.
– General Standards UNI EN 1090 parts 1 and 2.
– Ministerial Decree 31/07/2012. (ITALY)
– Ministerial Decree 14/06/1989 n ° 236. (ITALY)

Specifically parapets, balustrades and railings must have a height from ground of at least 110 cm and must not be crossed by a diameter sphere of 100 mm. 

Avantgates is a mobile closing system capable to ensure certification as a guard rail with all European Standards required.

Simple standard electromechanical road barriers, which often are used as protection of car lifts, are not comply with European Standards required for parapet certification.
CAUTION: all car lift are machine classified, and they can’t be certified by the manufacturer if the same during operation does not respond to all the safety requirements.

The pictures show this gate used for car lift certified protection:

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