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People needs to know strengths and peculiarities of the innovative Vertical Hydraulic Pivot Gates called AVANTGATES® compared to traditional horizontal sliding, swing or folding gates. Here following some helpful details:

Hydraulic motorization

AVANTGATES® is equipped with hydraulic technology for its handling, and has always been synonymous
with great power, reliability in intensive use and reduced maintenance. It works with normal 220V electrical voltage (110V optional for the USA market)

Architectural Contraints

Perfect solution in case of no space and rear entrances and where it is impossible to install swing or sliding gates.


It's the only kind of gate that can be easily fitted into any driveway at slopes

Large passages

The Double version reaches a maximum length of 20,5 mt

Corner driveways

Perfectly suitables and safe thanks to BEA Laser security device

Access ramps and loading points

Thanks to their small dimensions, Avantgates are also comfortably adaptable to access ramps and loading points

Certified railing

They comply with regulations on parapets or railings especially where there may be a risk of falling from above, such as cableway stations, car lifts, etc.

Perimeter Protection

Used to protect dangerous machines. It ensures significant risk reduction to protect safety and health at workplace

High opening speed

Residential and some Industrial gate version carry out the full opening in 15/17 seconds

Height limit barrier

Certain versions can be installed as height limiters in any area, especially where heavy vehicles, campers or
caravan access is restricted or have to be closen at certain times

Snow and ice

No problem handling even in the case of snow and ice. Thanks to its special features, it can be used in
extreme weather conditions by placing its motorization at a remote site

Advertising totem with customized logo

With a simple sticker to be applied to the movable rods, the gate turns into a beautiful advertising sign. Light panels or signs can also be placed

Mobile version

To close temporary driveways, such as construction sites, events entrances, fairs and village festivals, it can easily be moved and installed in few minutes

Fast installation

The Avantgate installation is simple. It reaches directly the delivery place and can be installed in in 3-4 hours from 2 specialized technicians


The Avantgate has several certifications: CE - TÜV - BRCG standard, notified to n. 0407 from the European Certification Body Laboratory "Istituto Giordano".

High reliability

To offer the highest satefy level, it's equipped with new BEA-Laser even in heavy working and extreme weather conditions

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