Avantgates produces perimeter protection for the transport sector, specifically designed to be installed inside and outside railways, airports, subways and car parks, designed to protect all involved areas.

We often see railroad crossings that are poorly marked and protected and that non-certified locking systems are adapted to defend them, both from pedestrian and vehicular crossings, with respect to the safety offered by the vertical opening AVANTGATES.

Level crossings are usually marked by a simple traffic light using a manual barrier or by both of these devices.
We are well aware about the numerous fatal accidents at railway stations.

The DPR n. 753 of 11 July 1980 describes how railway passages must be protected from people and vehicles crossings on public or private roads, with common simple fast manual or automatic barriers. The term “barriers” is to be understood as bar, gate or other similar closure.

Compared to sliding gates, the vertical opening gate ensures a lower opening time and all operation functions even with snow.  

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