Secondary Motorway Access Closure

Avantgates vertical hydraulic pivot gates were already been used as certified closure systems of several Swiss and Italian Motorway and Autobahn secondary accesses.

Those secondary Motorway and Autobahn accesses are fundamental to ensure safety. In fact, those are reserved to authorized personnel such police, ambulances and for all others security vehicles for promptly emergency interventions.
Therefore, those secondary accesses must be always accessible and possibly have the automatic movement that allow entrance just only to official Motorbike employees.

Until now, in those secondary accesses, they have been used traditional sliding or swing horizontal gates, but unfortunately the same have a lot of important disadvantages like:
– In heavy snow situations are not automatically openable
– During Motorway roadways cleaning made by cleaning trucks, they may create accumulations in front of these gates which making them unavailable

Another key feature that must have gates installed in these safety places is to prevent any entry of dangerous wild animals along the motorways, which could lead to considerable gravity accidents. With Avantgates model with double external vertical aluminium bars  we reduce at 0%  this  associated dangerous risk.

Thanking to Avantgates special construction, is able to overcome all these problems, being able to provide superior performance over conventional horizontal swing or sliding gates.


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