SMOES srl with trademark AVANTGATES is the first patented and certified inventor and manufacturer of “VERTICAL RISING GATES” with an hydraulic power pack unit motorization. A company that achieved in over 10 years a unique market position offering an innovative gate closing solution which get over standard track and cantilevered sliding and swing horizontal gates.
Avantgates company has been originally founded in 1993 giving to final client different hydraulic solutions like mini-hydraulic power packs and many others hydraulic products.

Since January 2005, SMOES srl has been opening a new office located in Rimini to Nabucco street number 52 where you could find Avantgates showroom. SMOES is one of the Gentili’s Group which let more than 50 employees working. 

SMOES company is always engaged inside hydraulic sector development, but at the moment and in the future the main business will be related to Avantgates vertical hydraulic pivot gates sale. We are sure that our Avantgates products will represent in the future the most innovative residential and industrial closure certified solution.

Avantgates products Europe sale allow Gentili’s Group having deal with important companies all aroud Europe, growing sale of all Gentili’s Group products. This allow Smoes have a stronger suppliers partnership wich therefore allowed us to produce an high quality product with a lower price.

Furthermore Smoes sell also standard MADE IN ITALY products like swing gates, sliding, modular fences of all types, automatic entry of the best brands, parapets, railings, grids and finally both industrial and residential sectional doors.

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Through its staff of highly skilled employees with high experience in planning and operational management, we are able to satisfy all client closing requests for residential and industrial needs.

Experience, technology and passion were real Avantgates “engine” that allow us and our client to find always innovation, design, quality and flexibility.

AVANTGATES® Vertical Gates


When we think on automatic gate, we are often oriented thinking to the “classic” sliding and swing horizontal gates. This is normal, because in our life who knows how many thousands of these installations we’ve seen, therefore, our intellect hard to think that there might be something different.
It is also true that, in many occasions there has surely come across situations where to install an automatic closing has had to resort to artificial remedies, and not always with the best results both from a regulatory point of view, aesthetic as well as economic.

Precisely for this reason, with its vertical-lift gate AVANT, Smoes company has finally solved closures problems with an innovative, simple and economic solution. In fact, thanks to its characteristics, our gate will fit easily in all those places where there are particular architectural constraints, slopes, narrow entrances and backward steps.
It’s also an optimal solution for cold winter areas where we’ll have frequently snow and ice which creates always problem to sliding standard horizontal gates.

Another main Avantgates feature is constituted by the high-pressure hydraulic motorization (up to 350 bar), which provides high reliability ensuring a clearly higher life cycle with respect to an electro-mechanical motorization . The vertically opening gate is realize for “Residential” and “Industrial” models. For Industrial applications we have the opportunity to create double door, this makes it possible to realize automatic closures up to 19 mt. with just only 60 cm of cluttering on each side!

This becomes a “goal” for anyone who needs having large passages for the maneuver of big trucks, without having ramp groud guides problem which, in sliding gate applications, deform over time and prevent proper closing.

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