Ideal for all slopes

Ideal for all slopes

Ideal for all slopes

Ideal for closing large openings

Corner installation is possible

Corner installation is possible

No problem with snow and ice

To advertise your company

To advertise your company

To advertise your company

20 meters passage and advertising


AVANTGATES® Vertical Hydraulic Pivot Gates and Barriers

Since over 50 years Gentili’s companies are in hydraulic industry engaged. Recently this hydraulic path of research and development has found its height in the creation of the first and only certified vertical hydraulic pivot gate called AVANTGATES. Civil and industrial closings field applications revolution. INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY, DESIGN and QUALITY let our client be sure that the outcome is the highest quality certified product which has no equal in the world closure market.








In evidence:

Avant 2.x Eco Mobile - Cancelli mobili

AVANT 2.2 I Evo Series

2.2 series is a further development of the previous one, whereby the compatibility with regard to the spare parts is fully guaranteed. Numerous improvements have been made and, particularly on some models, the opening speed is now only 15 seconds.
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Avant 4.x video

AVANT 3.x I Evo AFL-C 90 Double-Use

A new and innovative state-of-the-art gate for a proper functioning of vehicle flows in logistic activities and supermarkets. They are realized according to the already known and appreciated 3.0 Industrial version. It takes the same advantages and assure gate-closing in safe and through certification. It enables a valid filter of passage of cars or heavy vehicles only.
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Avant Papillon Series

AVANT Papillon Series

Click the image to watch the video of the new AVANT-gate 3.x R Eco of Papillon series.
Elegance, refined design and greatest reliability are combined to provide our customers an innovative and higher quality product.
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Made in Italy Innovations and high quality solutions

Thanks to its versatility, Avantgates provides design studies, engineering, architecture and construction companies the opportunity to develop new projects without the constraints imposed by traditional locking systems, opening new horizons to the creativity of these professionals, often limited by absence of alternative solutions and valid up to their quality standards.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and highly experienced, is able to follow the customer from design to proper installation of the final product, thus being able to provide a complete certification of the closure system. This is a very important feature, because improper installation and performed by unskilled personnel, completely invalidate the certification of the product.

Experience, technology and above all passion are the real “engine” driving that 2 generations and almost half a century distinguish us.


The best solution for your entry

Discover our production categories

AVANT Residential Series

A wide range of automatic closures to meet the needs of any type of manufactured. The countless variants allow you to provide the right solution for the needs of condos, villas, large residential complexes, hotels and campgrounds.

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AVANT Industrial Series

Versatility, compact size and highly intensive use, distinguish the vertically opening gates in the Industrial version. They are the ideal solution for industries, logistic centi, car parks, barracks, airports, customs, shopping centers, marinas, motorway access and waste collection areas.

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AVANT Traffic Barriers

The only traffic barriers hydraulically operated up to 10 mt. of length. Power, reliability, durability and low maintenance, guarantee the product high durability. They can also be matched to the gates of the residential and industrial series, ensuring an integrated operating logic.

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Why choose AVANT

Learn the strengths and peculiarities of a vertical gate AVANT, compared to the traditional ones.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is an all-inclusive product

Its price is certain, definitive and includes everything – also installation. This is one of the differences compared to traditional horizontal sliding or swing gates, whose prices are often clear just only at the end of installation work. In fact, when you plan the installation of a traditional gate – in particular in case of sliding gates – often happens that the complete amount does NOT include the masonry work necessary for the installation of a track on the ground; an amount that in some cases can turn out to be quite expensive. Considering all these elements, the price of a Vertically Opening Gate/Barrier can be clearly compared with a typical automatized closing system – in cases of large openings it is nearly always the cheapest solution – offering in the meantime, however, definitely superior technical-constructional features.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is self-supporting

This is the reason why it could be assembled in advance (inclusive of the electrical and hydraulic systems) and delivered finished to the client. This reduces significantly the system's definitive starting time. Moreover – if necessary – it can be easily disassembled and reused with the possibility to be shorten or lengthen as one likes in another location. This is possible thanks to the gate's/barrier's assembling versatility that doesn't have to be certificated a second time by the builder. Patented design and project.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is compact

It can be installed in every reduced space or in case of architectural constraints and at least with considerable terrain inclinations. By contrast to the Sliding or Swing Gates, Avantgates vertical hydraulic pivot gates does not require any additional space. It often allows to obtain extra parking places where a traditional gate would require more space.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is functional

Avantgates opening can't be obstructed by gravel, sand or leaves; elements that could be a problem for traditional horizontal closing systems. Even snow or ice are no longer a problem for this kind of gate at least.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier works oil-hydraulically

This kind of motorization guarantees a perfect functioning even after many years and with a really intensive use of the machinery; this also reduces to the minimum the maintenance costs. Furthermore, the hydraulic system assures the gate's utmost quietness. Hydraulic combined with electronics is considered the best technological solution available for automatic closures.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is innovative

Avantgates vertical hydraulic pivot gates introduces a revolutionary building concept in gates world. In fact, it allows to use completely all the space where it'll be fitted even traditional gates are not able to use. Once opened, it can be used as a sign or incorporated in an advertisement totem – even with a luminous one.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is in accordance with the current regulations

The Gate is a fully certified like “machine” – certified by a Notified Body – and in accordance with the most recent European Regulation (EN-12453 ; EN-12445 ; EN-13241-1 ; EN-12604 ; EN-12605 ; EN-12978 ; EN-418 ; EN-982).

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is safe

The Gate's blocking system during the closing process does not have any lock and does not require any key; that's the reason why it cannot be forced. Moreover – always aiming a major security against thieves – all the gate's operations can be made remotely, for example from inside a place that is protected by an alarm.

The Vertically Opening AVANT Gate/Barrier is protected by several patents

Since all the unique peculiarities of the AVANT Gate, Smoes has already taken out a number of patents for its revolutionary gate – even European Patents.

Our clients

Avantgates has already been chosen by famous national and international brands. Discover all

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