LZR I100 safety sensor

Avantgates, to offer the highest level of safety for its gates and road barriers, as an alternative to traditional photocells, has chosen to use the new BEA Laser technology. This is able to offer high reliability for all automatic closures, regardless of the work situation and even in extreme climatic conditions.

Here is a list of products selected for our gates :

LZR®-I100 /-I110
Safety sensor for industrial doors – Laser
The LZR®-I100 / I110 works according to the principle of time of flight. This high-precision technology and the dynamic orientation of the LASER beams on 4 planes offer optimal safety in the door threshold and its proximity. The sensor is adapted to industrial environments and has a max. detection range of 9.9 m x 9.9 m.
Data sheet Video
Opening & safety sensor for barriers – Laser
The LZR®-H100 offers a real alternative to induction loops: time gain during installation, detection of all types of vehicles and greater adaptability. This laser sensor for rising barriers is used to open, secure and/or detect a presence. It offers great flexibility in defining the width and depth of the detection zones (max detection field of 9.9 m x 9.9 m).
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