Avantgates vertical rising gates ensure a certified cableway perimeter protection and security system. 

The parapets of car lifts, for example, must be protected to guarantee the right function performance and safeguard people safety from any possible vacuum fall and reduce the related risks.

For greater clarity on the subject, here following a lists of the main rules governing the railings or balustrades calculation and construction:
– Regulation (EU) 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2011
– Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 – Technical Standards for Construction. (ITALY)
– February 2, 2009 Ministerial Circular No. 617 (ITALY)
– Eurocodes: Eurocode 0 UNI EN 1990 – Basis of structural design. EC1 Uni En-1991 Actions on structures. Uni En 1993- Eurocode 3 Design of steel structures. Eurocode 8 Uni En 1998-Design of structures for earthquake resistance.
– UNI No. 10805 from the No. 10809.
– General Standards UNI EN 1090 parts 1 and 2.
– Ministerial Decree 31/07/2012. (ITALY)
– Ministerial Decree 14/06/1989 n ° 236. (ITALY)

AVANTGATES Mobile version is able to ensure a certified perimeter protection in accordance with the over mentioned European regulations.

Thanks to its hydraulic unit that cannot be affected by any temperature changes, we fit the gate in extreme climate conditions. Its oil viscosity works with standard operativity up to -40 degrees.

This is the great goal compared to common electromechanical gates. which, at few temperatures below zero, could have freezing problems.

Here below an example of an AVANTGATES model which has been installed in Lagazuoi at the arrival station of the cable car in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy) at 2733 meters height.

Other Avantgates peculiarities for those extreme closure applications:
High system reliability for high cycles number;
Easiness maintenance;
– Opening speed up to 7 seconds.

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