trasportoAvantgates vertical hydraulic gate transportation and installation are very simple. In fact, thanks to Avantgates design, we could deliver 10 meters of gate lenght using a  3.5 t GVW (gross weight of the ground) truck and finish the mounting operation in just only 6 hours!
In just only one day we can transport and install gates in a radius of over 500 km from our company site. Regarding foreign installations Avantgates will be shipped pre-assembled up to 3 meters or full-assembled to the final client or to our Avantgates official retailers; then our official employees leave our factory with simple truck to finish Avantgates mounting on site, or just only to give technical support to our official foreign retailers.
We already have customers for several years satisfied with our service in the following European countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Norway.


attestatoA well-designed gate built and installed in time with high  executive quality, is the most important aspect for final clients.
Installation by official technical employees is fundamental to ensure that gates meets fully all european standards requirements.
Obviously our official employees team works following the applicable regulations, concerning safety and others work rules. In addition to the conformity certificates accompanying the final gate installation on site, our official employees make also final gate testing. They also provide the customer with the operation and maintenance manual, and instruct him about all correct steps to take for safeguard the proper machine safety functionally: for example the hand pump use (for emergency cases if we’ll no have power supply) and for other important safety instruction.
For our official ratailers who wants to make training about Avantgates final mouting it’ll be also possibility to partecepate at specific Avantgates mounting courses organized by our employees here in our company site. In the end of those course, if they will obtain satisfy tests results, we will give them our “Attendance Certificate” for Avantgates technical installation and maintenance.


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