Slope and constraints

Sloping entrances

In a lot of cases, we have particular slope entrance situations where is not possible to install traditional horizontal swing or sliding gate. Reason of that just only because people don’t know Avantgates closure system yet, beacause foundation concrete sliding gate structure are very difficult and more expensive than Avantgates small foundation plinths structures. Furthermore in some cases, having high slope values, is not properly possible the sliding horizontal gate project. On the contrary, Avantgates could be installed in any entrance with vertical drop or any slope value. With Residential Avantgates models we could arrive up to 20% of slope value.


Architectural constraints

Avantgates vertical hydraulic pivot gates is a goal also for architectural constraints presence, limited space, arrears accesses and in all situations where you can’t fit traditional sliding or swing gates.

With its design, Avantgates offers to studies, engineering, architecture and construction companies the opportunity to develop new projects without the constraints imposed by traditional locking systems, opening new horizons for professionals creativity.

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