Avantgates for height limitation

Sometimes in public and private car parks or in areas where the owners want to avoid vehicles accesses which exceed certain high dimensions such as caravans, campervans and other heavy equipment, it resorts to the use of height limiting barriers. This solution is often used by municipalities to prevent the camping outside the equipped areas.

However, simple barriers don’t constitute a real safety parking closure, moreover, are mostly manual handling, and to open vehicles passage, it is necessary personnel intervention to rotate the upper post on the manual barrier.

The new vertical hydraulic pivot gates AVANT AFL series, however, are able not only to provide an height dimensions restriction choose from customers, but obviously given their structure fully certified to EN 13241-1, once closed, they ensure safety by preventing any type of cars/person passages.

Avantgates are suitable for an intensive use, thanks to hydraulic principles, and the manual or only in those cases where there is the inability to use electricity.

In many buildings, primarily shopping centers, it’s necessary close gates just only during night for safety reasons, and implement a height restriction vehicles traffic only in certain day times, here is that in such cases, Avantgates it is certainly the best solution.


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