The vertically opening gates AVANTGATES can be used also for vehicles and/or people security access in fords, especially when river water level rises up for heavy rainfallresult, or during thaw periods. It can be studied a security and safety system that provides AVANTGATES closure system to preserve vehicular or persons fords crossing. In particular, AVANTGATES system could be used as a ford barrier and putting in relation Avantgates electronic control unit with a float sensor in the river, we could regulate gate opening/closing using water level inside the river. When the river level is such to allow passages Avantgates remains open, while when the river level is such as to obstruct or block the passage Avantgates automatically closing so we assured crossing river prohibition also by any distracted motorist.

AVANTGATES is the unique locking system which can be also totally water submerged having the possibility to move the electronic components in different positions: also away from the gate. So also in flood river case, Avantgates safety and will be not compromised.
To guarantee this feature, all our gates can also be made of stainless steel, and it is also possible to run them even without the help of electric current network.

Being fords potentially dangerous areas, State administrations are very often unable to find a safe and functional solution to prevent the transit of motorized vehicles and people. Whether it be public or private roads, fords must be protected.

Rules regarding hydrogeological risks, plumbing and electrical storms regulated by the following regulations: December 10, 2010 219, Law 183/1989, Legislative Decree no. 49 of February 23, 2010, 49 of 2010, associated with the color red (the most costly in terms of risk associated) in the vicinity of widespread flooding in low-lying areas and areas with possible triggers of landslides. The rules require that you must be very careful in crossing streams and low-lying areas such as road underpasses and drainage areas, but above laws prescribes to avoid the fords at least in weather alert moments. Given that the end user is not always aware of the provisions of the alert must be the private or the public to protect the security near the fords.

AVANTGATES is the only system closure which solve this type of problems.


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