AVANTGATES for Airports and Customs accesses (ports and customs storage)

AVANTGATES is the best solution for airport and customs access closing.
Some main Avantgates features compared to common sliding, swing or folding gates in this context: best safety area and differentiation of more entrances in the same access, with more different size openings, creating a differentiation for the types of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks and other special vehicles).
Avantgates vertical openings evoid problems related to sliding gate ground guides which easily spoil for heavy vehicles trucks passages.

Moreover, AVANTGATES is the only gate which can’t be tampered and it’s impossible act from outside to carve an unauthorized access. Avantgates functional system heart could be placed in a safety location far from the gate (for example in side house or in a garage) or in any  secure place accessible only by authorized personnel.

This particular intrusion security system make Avantgates unique. There are no other types of sliding, swing or folding horizontal gate which could be easily tampered with.

The companies, often block their continuity of work for problems related to ground guides with speeds particular not only to their repair, but also linked to the company working continuity.

AVANTGATES security system it ‘s totally impenetrable and could be used also for customs border state for access control  as a roadblock, even temporary and, on the occasion of access controls in the various borders state.


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